What to expect as a CPMG Physician

As a physician-led group, we know what goes in to healing and building healthier communities. We also believe in providing transparency for our members and physicians alike.

Our total compensation package is comprised of three components: Base Compensation, Incentive/Bonus Plan and Additional Benefits. Explore our compensation and benefits packages below.

  • Large multi-specialty group that cares for 540,000 members - there's no need to build a   practice  
  • Systems that support practice, coordinates care: chronic care coordinators, senior coordinators, clinical pharmacists, etc.
  • Physician led
  • Salary based physicians who practice evidence based medicine where evidence exists; not incented to provide unnecessary care

Selected Benefits

Selected Benefits: Health Coverage and Medical Plan

The selected benefits are the flexible benefits program for eligible physicians of the Colorado Permanente Medical Group, P.C. Your will have the opportunity to select the benefits options and levels of coverage that best meet your unique needs, lifestyle and situation.

Health Coverage

  • You may select from five different Basic Medical options.
  • Four of the basic medical options provide health care managed by Kaiser Permanente to ensure that you receive the best services possible. They offer the same medical services and benefits, but you pay different amounts for doctor’s office visits or prescription drugs, depending on the plan you select.
  • The fifth medical option is a Kaiser Point of Service plan. When you enroll in the Point of Service Plan, based on certain limitations, you have the options of receiving care through Kaiser Permanente providers, known as “In-Plan” care. When you select Basic Medical coverage, you are automatically enrolled for coverage under the Supplemental Medical Plan.

Supplemental Medical Plan

Unless you have selected the Point of Service Plan, our supplemental Medical Coverage reimburses you for certain eligible health care expenses that aren’t covered by basic medical plans or that exceed their limits.

Life Insurance

Basic Group Term Life Insurance

The physician will receive Group paid coverage based upon the physician's age, length of service and compensation.

Time-Off Benefits

Paid Vacation

The calendar year benefit (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) is prorated upon hire for the first year. Annually unused vacation may not be carried over to the next year.

Completed Years of Service 0-5 6-15 16 +
Annual Accrual 15 days 20 days 25 days


CME Education & Allowance

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Days and Monetary Allowance

Monetary allowance and paid time off are allotted for continuing medical education (CME) to support and encourage quality and innovation at Kaiser Permanente. 

Salary Continuances

Short- and Long-Term Disability

CPMG offers short- and long-term disability insurance to its physicians.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Plan

Our retirement package is comprised of two plans: our 401 (K) Plan, which is voluntary on the physician's part, and the Pension Plan, which is automatic and fully funded by the Medical Group into a trust.

401(k) Plan

You are eligible to enroll immediately into our 401 (K) Plan upon hire. If you currently have a 401 (K) or TSA/403 (b), you should be able to rollover funds into our 401 (K). The maximum allowable contribution per year is established by the IRS. If the physician contributes the maximum pre-tax amount into the 401(K), the entire amount of any eligible Incentive/Bonus will be placed into the physician's 401(K) plan on a pre-tax basis.

Pension Plan

CPMG provides a defined benefit pension plan, funded by the Medical group at no cost to the physician. The plan has a vesting requirement of five years of service. Typically, physicians become eligible for benefits upon their retirement at age 65, if they have at least ten years of qualifying service. Otherwise, if a physician meets the "Rule of 80" (the sum of your years of service and age equal the number 80), you may retire with full benefits beginning at age 60.

The exact amount of your pension is reached by using a specific formula. Your highest average compensation during the ten years prior to retirement is used to derive your highest average monthly salary. Then they take 1/2 of your highest average monthly salary and multiply this amount by 4% for each year of service. For example, a physician who has worked for CPMG for 20 years would receive 80% of 1/2 of his highest average monthly salary.

Physicians who retire with at least ten years of service at age 65, or age 60 if qualifying for full early retirement, will be eligible to receive medical coverage for the physician and their spouse at the same level as provided for active physicians throughout the physician's retirement. Upon eligibility for Medicare, an assignment of benefits to Kaiser Permanente is required.

Compensation/Bonus Plan

Base Compensation

CPMG is comprised of 36 specialties; each having their own pay structure and pay levels. A new physician is generally assigned a salary level according to years of experience outside of his residency.

Incentive/Bonus Plan

Eligibility for the Plan occurs after completion of two years of service.

Shareholder Eligibility

To attain shareholder status, physician will need to complete three years of service for full time regular physicians and four years for part time regular status. In addition to meeting the service eligibility, the requirements include board certification and demonstrated strong performance to date. Once approved by the Board of Directors, you will be issued one share and no physician has greater than one share. The share translates into voting privileges on By-laws, elections of your Regional Department Chief and the Board of Directors. In addition to voting privileges, certain benefits improve upon attainment of shareholder status.


More details regarding the benefits may be obtained by calling our recruiters at 1.866.239.1677.

Benefits are subject to change, and recent changes may not be reflected in this overview.